Is this class offered online? No. There is no online class. The class is designed to have the students and instructor talk about the ideas in the workbook to improve the level of learning. That conversation does not happen with an online class.

Why can’t I take the class in one day or on a weekend? The class design asks students to practice the skills they learn between sessions and talk about their experiences at the following session. This also increases their level of learning and understanding.

What if my county is not listed? First check nearby counties. There may be an instructor in a county near you who has a class you can attend. If you cannot find a class in your area, let the judge know and he or she will decide what you need to do instead of taking the class.

Are there any instructors not listed on the website? No, all certified TYTAP instructors are listed on the website. The site is updated whenever there are new instructors.

How do I enroll in a class? When you find an instructor listed who is close enough to you for you to go to the class, call or email that instructor to find out when the next class is scheduled, what the cost is and how to enroll. Each instructor enrolls students for the classes he or she conducts.

I found a class, but my court date is before I can finish the class. What do I do? Enroll in the class and get a receipt from the instructor to prove you are enrolled. Take the receipt to the court and ask for an extension to complete the class. You have 90 days from your court date to complete the class, so, if you do not wait until the last minute, you should not have a problem getting a class before you have to return to court.

I am now living out of state but I got my ticket in Texas. Can I take a class in another state? No. If you are living out of state, contact the court and the judge will decide what you need to do instead of taking the class.